To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We are Lakers, a club of friendly dragons who welcome one and all

On Brisbane River you will find us, waterfront residents we enthral

With scales of black, and skin of red, paddles for our feet
Fierce head up front, long tail behind, we sure do look a treat

We launch our boats in sun and rain our hearts and arms are strong
And yet we strive to build and grow to help us paddle long

We value pride and spirit true and effort more than one would do
For we paddle with each other, and for the team...our effort’s true.

We travel far, we wander wide, in regattas we compete
To coasts north and south, and Tasmania we launch our little fleet

To chance our arms, and prove our will, we set ourselves the test
We’re aiming high and growing strong and play against the best 

And soon we learn to win respect we must draw upon our passion

With paddle, sweat, tears and guts, and belief, these things we mustn’t ration

Within us all, we’ve found a tribe, a spirit, warm and good

So if you yearn for fun and friends, we think you really should

Resolve to self you must be kind, give yourself the time  
and mosey down to Sumners Road, River Hills, the Lakers you will find

So heed the drum, and love the sport we have willingly let take us
To friends and fun and fitness, strong, and say with pride...We Are Lakers

By Simon Taylor (President Lakers Dragon Boat Club)